General Petraeus: Accelerate the Delivery of Fighter Jets to Ukraine

The United States must expedite the delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine and send long-range missiles to Kyiv, while overcoming the obstacles hindering aid to the European country, according to retired four-star Gen. David Petraeus, former leader of coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Petraeus expressed hope for the US to provide the Army Tactical Missile System, which would enhance the range of existing support, and for the prompt delivery of the promised F-16s from Denmark and the Netherlands, in an interview with The Telegraph.

He also urged the United States to cease its opposition to sending the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) with a range of nearly 200 miles, and encouraged other nations to increase their supply of long-range weapons.

Petraeus made these remarks as Ukraine approaches a breakthrough in the Russian defensive system. According to the retired general, if Ukraine can sever the land bridge connecting the Crimean Peninsula to occupied territory, it could significantly alter the course of the war.

However, he criticized Washington for impeding this progress through its indecisiveness regarding weapons like the ATACMS, which is compatible with the HIMARS system already provided to Ukraine.

In recent weeks, Kyiv’s forces have utilized British and French-donated Storm Shadow air-launched cruise missiles to target Russian positions beyond the frontlines and disrupt Moscow’s logistics chain.

While Ukraine has been advocating for F-16s, the jets will not arrive until next year due to export license complications. Petraeus also called on Sweden to contribute its Gripen jets, better suited for Ukraine’s rough airstrips.

Petraeus, renowned for writing the US Army’s counterinsurgency field manual, emphasized that the “most significant” factor determining the effectiveness of Ukraine’s counteroffensive is whether Russian defenses will crumble once the main lines are breached. However, he cautioned that Ukraine’s troops face an enemy that has demonstrated exceptional ability to halt counteroffensives.

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