Geraldo Rivera Believes Biden’s Frailty Is Trump’s Most Effective Weapon

Former TV host Geraldo Rivera says former President Donald Trump’s best weapon in the 2024 White House race is the current commander in chief’s frailty — asserting “it looks like he could eat Joe Biden on stage.”

In an interview Monday on CNN Tonight, Rivera noted the 80-year-old Biden’s “befuddled” demeanor only enhances the feeble image.

“It is remarkable to me how frail Biden looks when it is pointed out that he is befuddled about going this direction or that direction,” said Rivera, also 80.

“And Trump, even though he’s only three years younger, gets the credit of being more vibrant, more alive,” he remarked, adding: “Even though [Biden’s] only eight months older than I am, he looks like an old guy.”

Rivera, a former host for Fox, pointed out that “time is inescapable. It tolls regardless.”

“And four years is a long time in the life of an 80-year-old. I can attest to that. It is. And I’m an 80-year-old looking for a job,” he added. “The frailty of the incumbent president is Trump’s best weapon.”

Trump “bounds onto the stage. He walks up railings without holding onto the rail,” Rivera said. “It looks like he could eat Joe Biden on stage. You know, he looks like a different kind of creature.”

Rivera is not supporting Trump’s bid for a second term, but noted the former president has for the first time topped Biden in polling, citing a recent CBS News tally.

The survey, which has a margin of error 2.1%, shows a close race in a Biden-Trump rematch, with 49% backing Biden and 50% saying they’ll vote for Trump.

“[T]here are also the issues that Joe Biden faces, not just with the economy. Immigration is really heating up. There are other international issues that — there is a sense of unease,” Rivera said.

“I think — and the survey shows. This is the first time, I think, that Trump, the kind of the scarlet letter of presidential candidates and former presidents, that he is now leading within the margin of error, but he’s now leading Joe Biden.”

“The fact that Trump now leads Biden is a reality that everyone has to come to grips with,” Rivera added.

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