Giuliani Accuses Democrats of ‘Total Destruction’ of US Justice System in Newsmax Interview

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Newsmax on Friday that by weaponizing the Department of Justice and going after Republicans, President Joe Biden and the Democrats have “completely destroyed” the U.S. justice system.

“[Biden and the Democrats] have completely destroyed [the justice system],” Giuliani, a former attorney for former President Donald Trump, said during “Eric Bolling The Balance” on Friday. “This system of justice could be under [Joseph] Stalin. It could be under Mao [Zedong] or [Adolf] Hitler. It is not a system of justice. You can’t have two systems of justice. The two-tiered system of justice is no justice at all.”

Giuliani said that both he and Trump are strong and “can handle” the criminal cases against them, but he warned that other conservatives may be prosecuted.

“We’ll handle it, but I feel for the country,” he said. “It’s coming. It’s going to come into your neighborhood.”

He also said that both he and Trump are upset with the contempt of Congress guilty verdict handed down Thursday against Trump White House official Peter Navarro after a jury deliberated four hours, according to an Associated Press report.

“This is a landmark case that’s bound for the Supreme Court,” the AP reported Navarro saying following the verdict.

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta, who could sentence Navarro for up to two years in jail for the two misdemeanor counts, denied his request to use an executive privilege defense in the case.

Then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House Select Committee on Jan. 6 subpoenaed documents and wanted a deposition from Navarro, which he refused to provide invoking executive privilege, the report said.

“This one really got to me, and I was with former President Trump when we found out about it yesterday, and I’ve got to tell you he was really, really upset about it,” Giuliani said. “It‘s one thing to get persecuted yourself. It’s another to see your family, your friends, the people working for you, getting persecuted like this. I mean, this is absurd.”

Giuliani said that there are plenty of Democrats, including former Democrat Attorney General Eric Holder, who refused to comply with congressional subpoenas.

“Think of all the people in the [former President Barack] Obama administration who were literally in contempt of Congress [like] Eric Holder,” he said. “This is a legitimate question about executive privilege, but it gets resolved in the courts. If the court says he has to testify, he’ll testify.


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