Giuliani Advises Newsmax: Biden Administration Claims ‘End of Fair Trials’

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Newsmax Wednesday that the Biden administration has basically signaled that there is “no more fair trial” in America with the schedule set for former President Donald Trump and his 18 co-defendants in Georgia’s election interference case.

“Do you realize that what they basically are saying is no more fair trial?” Giuliani asked during an appearance on Newsmax’s “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE.” “The Biden administration has taken away from all Trump supporters the right to counsel.

“The day that I began representing Donald Trump, they surreptitiously took my iCloud account, didn’t return it to me for three years, searched it for three years, and found no crime and reported that to the grand jury. They raided my law office. Look at all the lawyers they’ve indicted for giving legal advice — frightens the hell out of other lawyers to give legal advice.

“If they force you to go to trial in a 19-defendant case in virtually two or three months, it’s an announcement that we have no interest in a fair trial,” he continued.

“I believe that case gets dismissed. The minute a prosecutor, in effect, makes an announcement ‘I am not going to respect a fair trial,’ according to Justice [Robert] Jackson in a very, very famous opinion mid last century, the case should be dismissed because the prosecutor doesn’t have the foggiest idea in the world what it means to be a prosecutor. It’s to do justice, not to obtain a conviction.”

The schedule alone is proof that the intent is to deny Trump and anyone associated with him a fair trial, Giuliani said.

“You might as well have said, ‘Let me give you a primer on how to deny someone a fair trial,'” he said. “So try him in month one on a case that usually takes eight months and then try him in month two on the case that takes two years. A 19-defendant case is a three- to four-year case. I tried a 27-defendant Sicilian mafia case. It took almost three years.”


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