GOP Billionaire Donor Ken Langone Shows Support for Nikki Haley

In a major development for candidate Nikki Haley’s 2024 Republican primary bid, Ken Langone, co-founder of Home Depot and a billionaire GOP donor, officially endorsed her candidacy.

Speaking with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Langone praised Haley’s approach, emphasizing its intelligence and her ability to clarify key issues, according to The Hill.

“I think she’s just what we need right now. I think her approach is smart. I think she’s clarified herself on some issues, which is very important,” Langone stated. He highlighted the need for leadership that is statesman-like and elegant, asserting that the American people require such qualities, especially considering the challenges faced in recent years.

“When you think of where we’ve been in the last six or seven or eight years, it’s not good, Neil. It’s not good at all,” Langone added, underscoring the urgency for effective leadership.

Langone’s endorsement follows another significant nod for Haley from Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Action, a Koch-affiliated organization. AFP Action’s endorsement marked a historic moment as the first time the well-funded group supported a GOP candidate in a presidential primary.

“She has what it takes to lead a policy agenda to take on our nation’s biggest challenges and help ensure our country’s best days are ahead,” the organization declared in its endorsement last month.

In contrast, Langone expressed reservations about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, citing stagnant poll numbers. He also remarked on former President Donald Trump’s tenure, stating that Trump’s actions in the final months of his presidency were “disgraceful” and had negatively impacted his chances for future success.

“What Trump put this country through for the last three months of his presidency was disgraceful,” Langone said. “So, you know, I think what happened on Jan. 6, all I had to say was, ‘Please go home. You made known your feelings. Now go home.'”

Despite Haley gaining momentum with notable endorsements, skepticism lingers about her ability to surpass Trump, who continues to lead by double digits in national polls.

Responding to the endorsements, Trump took to Truth Social to mock Haley, dismissing AFP’s endorsement as a “minor hit” for DeSantis. Trump criticized Haley’s popularity and urged her to “start running FAST,” emphasizing that “She’s down 50 Points,” illuminating his strong standing in the polls.

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