GOP in House Edging Closer to Impeachment Vote Against Biden

Only one Republican House member opposes a vote this week to formalize an impeachment inquiry concerning President Joe Biden’s alleged influence peddling, Politico reported.

Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., remains the lone GOP lawmaker to come out against a vote, according to a whip count compiled by Politico.

Other members thought to be on the fence now are supportive or likely to support a vote, Politico reported.

“This is an inquiry. It’s not the actual impeachment. So we should let it go forward and continue to ask questions and subpoena witnesses,” Rep. Doug LaMalfa, R-Calif., said.

Politico, noting that Republicans have only a three-vote margin for error, said that some GOP members in battleground districts remain uneasy about supporting the formal inquiry. About a half-dozen GOP members told the outlet they’re undecided or unwilling to say where they stand.

CNN reported Sunday that some Republicans were persuaded to support an inquiry after the White House told three House committees that their subpoenas were illegitimate without a formal vote to authorize the inquiry.

Former President Donald Trump argued similarly before the start of his 2019 impeachment.

“The president is saying he isn’t going to provide information until we get an inquiry, so I went from a no to a yes,” said Rep. Don Bacon, R-Neb., Politico reported. “My view of it is, let’s just get the information so the voters have it [in November].”

Rep. Marc Molinaro, R-N.Y., one of the remaining undecided, issued a warning to the White House.

“The administration would do well by honoring the subpoenas of the committees and participating in the investigation,” Molinaro said, Politico reported. “If what is necessary to ensure oversight is this next step, then I’m certainly open to it.”

House Republicans say a floor vote will strengthen their standing against the White House and fortify their subpoenas to Hunter Biden and other witnesses, CNN reported.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., last week said he would bring an official impeachment inquiry vote this week.

The speaker offered a message for moderate members.

“All the moderates in our conference understand this is not a political decision. This is a legal decision. It’s a constitutional decision,” Johnson said, Roll Call reported.

“And whether someone is for or against impeachment is of no import right now. We have to continue our legal responsibility and that is solely what this vote is about.”

GOP lawmakers from Biden-won districts have been getting some pressure. The Congressional Integrity Project, a liberal nonprofit organization, announced an ad campaign urging moderates to “stop focusing on the evidence-free impeachment of President Biden and instead focus on the priorities that matter most to Americans across the country like access to health care and the cost of living,” Roll Call reported.

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