Growing List of Corruption by Biden Family Members, Sen. Johnson Tells Newsmax

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., in a Newsmax interview, said House investigators are finding more Biden family members who were part of Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption.

Johnson made his comments during an appearance on Tuesday’s “Wake Up America.”

“We’re finding more Biden family members that were part of the grift,” he said. “[Republican Reps.] Jim Jordan and James Comer came over to our lunch last week and did an excellent job of laying out really the corruption and the evidence they have to my Senate colleagues. Hopefully more Republican senators are going to be on board and going to be supportive of what the House is doing.”

The lack of charges, until recently, against Hunter Biden “shows the corruption of our federal law enforcement and the Department of Justice,” he added.

He claimed his investigation with Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, had uncovered enough evidence to convince people they should never vote for Joe Biden. But it failed to garner enough attention.

“I think there was more than enough evidence, had it been reported on, to have convinced Americans that you never should elect Joe Biden because he’s corrupt and that corruption would compromise his presidency and that’s what we’re living with today,” he said.

Meanwhile, on the issue of Ukraine, Johnson called for quiet diplomacy to end the conflict.

Calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal,” he noted: “Every day that the war continues, more Ukrainians, more Russians are going to die. More of Ukraine is going to be destroyed. So again, I think we should be quietly moving to figure out some way to end this war.”


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Jeffrey Rodack

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