Hageman Sends a Message to Newsmax: ‘The American Public is Our Jury’

Rep. Harriet Hageman, R-Wyo., told Newsmax on Monday that when it comes to the allegations of corruption by President Joe Biden and his family, the job of the House is to build a case and present the evidence to the American public, which is essentially the jury.

“I think that we need to follow the facts. I don’t want to jump ahead of anything, but the reality is that there is a lot of information and evidence that has come forward related to how Hunter Biden has not only compromised his father, but has compromised the best interests of the United States of America,” Hageman said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.”

“It’s one thing to be a nepo baby and maybe get a job because of who your mom or dad are in a mid-level law firm somewhere. It’s another thing to compromise the best interest and the national policy and national security of the United States of America because of the corruption of the Biden family, and yet that’s where we are.”

Hageman added: “The point I keep making is that Hunter Biden had no skill set to sell. He wasn’t an expert on Ukrainian employment law. He didn’t have an expertise in oil and gas in the Black Sea. What he had to sell was access to his father, and why that’s relevant today is to what extent is our national policy and our national security being compromised by the deals that he cut and his contracts and agreements with the Chinese Communist Party, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan?”

Hageman, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee and the House Government Weaponization Subcommittee, said that her Democrat colleagues on those committees try to deflect attention away “anytime something gets uncomfortable” in relation to the Biden family probes.

“What about Donald Trump? What about this? What about that?” Hageman said, referring to Democrat deflections. “That isn’t the question. This isn’t whataboutism; this is about actually following the evidence and bringing in the witnesses, showing the documents. Our jury is the American public. We need to present this evidence to them so that they understand the level of corruption of the Biden family.

“Over 20 sham companies where they poured money from one bucket to another bucket to another bucket to another bucket. Over $20 million was paid to Hunter Biden as part of the alleged work that he was doing around the world while his father was vice president. But then you get to the current day, we had the Chinese Communist Party sending a balloon that traversed the entire length and breadth of our country.”

A practicing trial attorney for more than 34 years, Hageman said that the job of the House is to go where the evidence leads.

“I think that we can get through to the American people because nobody likes corruption,” she said. “I know that the Democrats want to deflect attention and say, ‘This is all political.’ It’s not. The fact is we cannot have the very highest people in our government being beholden to foreign actors.”

Nicole Wells

Nicole Wells, a Newsmax general assignment reporter covers news, politics, and culture. She is a National Newspaper Association award-winning journalist.

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