Haley Campaign Warns Trump’s Michigan Win Could Spell Trouble for GOP in November

Nikki Haley’s campaign issued a warning to Republicans on Tuesday following her significant loss to Donald Trump in Michigan’s presidential primary. The campaign highlighted the negative impact of Trump’s presidency on the state, including Democrats taking control of the governor’s mansion and Legislature, which could spell trouble for the GOP if he becomes the nominee in November.

Trump was declared the winner by Decision Desk HQ shortly after polls closed at 9 p.m. ET, with Trump leading with 66.8% to Haley’s 28.4% with 24% of the votes tallied.

Having won all Republican presidential nominating contests by significant margins, Trump is heading into Super Tuesday on March 5 with momentum as 36% of Republican delegates will be decided.

However, Haley’s campaign pointed out that Michigan’s Republican Party has experienced division and fracture since Trump took office, resulting in Democrats gaining control of the Legislature and governor’s mansion.

“Joe Biden is losing about 20% of the Democratic vote today, and many say it’s a sign of his weakness in November,” said Olivia Perez-Cubas, national spokesperson for Haley’s campaign, in a statement to Newsmax. “Donald Trump is losing about 35% of the vote. That’s a flashing warning sign for Trump in November.

“Since Trump became president in 2016, he lost Michigan Republicans the state House, state Senate, and governor’s mansion. What was once a beacon for the conservative cause, the Michigan Republican Party is now fractured and divided.”

Despite losing to Trump by double digits in every GOP presidential nominating contest this year, Haley has vowed to continue her campaign, defying calls from national Republican leaders to withdraw at least until after Super Tuesday.

Perez-Cubas also stated to NBC News that if Haley secured just 10% of the vote, it would indicate an “appetite for Trump alternative within the GOP.”

“Let this serve as another warning sign that what has happened in Michigan will continue to play out across the country,” Perez-Cubas added. “So long as Donald Trump is at the top of the ticket, Republicans will keep losing to the socialist left. Our children deserve better.”

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