Herbs and Succulents | Fresh Cut

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This film is only available in the US because of territorial licensing.

In this week’s episode of Fresh Cut Jill focuses on herbs and succulents – you might be surprised at how applicable these plants are for floral design. She pays a visit to the stunning Doonholm farm where you’ll learn about the variety of herbs you can get from your garden and some striking succulents.

Then Jill teaches you how to create a healing herb posy – ideal as a gift for a friend or a loved one and show you how to create a floral design using succulents…

Fresh Cut is an inspiring floral show that takes viewers on a floral journey. Each episode revolves around a theme and brings relevant information and inspirational floral designs to you. Join floral communications expert, Jill Manson, as she meets the farmers who grow some of the most spectacular blooms, goes behind the scenes at the flower market and brings you tips and floral arrangements that you can recreate at home.

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