Holt and Aramesh Ask Newsmax: Will Biden React to Iranian Drone Attack?

Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Blaine Holt and Democrat strategist Ari Aramesh told Newsmax on Monday that President Joe Biden has yet to respond to the Iran-backed drone attack over the weekend that killed three U.S. service members and questioned when, or if, that would happen.

“Here’s what’s happening: The administration of President Biden has played its hands in a way that Iran no longer sees a deterrence of the calculus of the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps],” Aramesh said during an appearance on “American Agenda.” “The calculus of the Iranian regime has become so bad and in such a way and so egregious that they believe no matter what they do, including killing American troops with their proxies, they can weather the consequences because there will be no consequences.”

Holt said that the scenario in which U.S. service members are killed has been predicted “on this show … now for months.”

“If you leave our forces in place, with no discernible rules of engagement for their own protection, if you don’t have a strategy, if all you want to do for your strategy is throw billions of dollars at the enemy and aggressor to the region, then this is exactly what you’re going to get,” he said. “And I would also include in the deaths, let’s not forget our two [Navy] SEALs, who were fallen at sea, because this is all part of the same conflict, and it’s coming from the same enemy.”

While Biden hasn’t responded “to this heinous attack yet,” Aramesh said he’s “hoping that he’s measuring a real deal of actual consequences to be doled out against Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.”

“Let’s not forget: Iran and the Iranian regime and the IRGC can fight until the last Houthi … and the last Hezbollah,” he said. “These are proxies. And that’s exactly what proxies are for, and, in Iran’s book, they are dispensable. … But when Iran becomes aware that their actions will have direct consequences, their regime can become destabilized and the fact that their actual defense capabilities can come under major threat then they might rethink this wave of attacks they have unleashed against our troops since Oct. 7.”

Instead of hoping, Holt said that the Biden administration needs to be held accountable for allowing the situation in the Middle East to escalate to this point.

“My question today is when are we going to put a stop to this and hold this national security team accountable for its disasters starting in Afghanistan to now?” he said. “When does discernible incompetence become certifiable malevolence? And when does Congress get involved? Because so far they’re not being consulted about what’s going on, and that in itself is absolutely a foul. We need to now hold this team accountable finally.”


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