Huckabee Informs Newsmax: Trump Remains Unperturbed by Indictments

Former President Donald Trump maintains his stronghold as the leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, despite facing four indictments encompassing a range of criminal charges. His ability to weather these legal challenges has solidified his standing within the party and impressed former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

“It’s what I love about Donald Trump,” Huckabee said on Saturday to Newsmax’s Mike Carter on “The Count.” “It rolls right off of [him], and it’s one of the reasons why I feel like that.

“He’s our best shot in 2024 because whoever is the nominee if somebody else gets it, they’re going to be going through the same thing. The Democrats aren’t going to let up and say, ‘Oh, it’s not Trump; OK, we’ll be easier on candidate X.'”

In a political landscape where resilience is critical, Donald Trump stands out not only for his ability to fend off legal challenges but also for his unique charisma and wit in doing so, Huckabee said.

“But I’m not sure that any other candidate, any other Republican running or even not running, would have the wherewithal to fight back and to do it with the kind of humor and charm that Donald Trump is doing it.

“It’s every time they indict him. His numbers keep going up. You know, if they keep throwing charges at him, he’ll be at 99% of the Republican primary and beating Joe Biden by 40 points. So everything they do to try to destroy him is only making him stronger,” he added.

From the outset of his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump demonstrated a keen awareness of his appeal among Republican voters. His recognition of this fact became apparent through numerous remarks, none more emblematic than his assertion regarding the unwavering support he commanded within the party’s base.

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK? It’s, like, incredible,” Trump said in Iowa in January 2016, according to NPR.

Throughout his 2016 presidential campaign and subsequent tenure in the White House, Trump navigated a series of scandals, including enduring two impeachments — unprecedented for any U.S. president. These experiences have contributed to the enduring “Teflon Don” persona he has cultivated over the years, which seems impervious to the conventional rules of politics.

This resilience is further underlined by the correlation between Trump’s legal challenges and an upswing in his support, as evidenced by polling data. Each indictment he has faced appears to have bolstered his standing among his base, cementing his reputation as a political figure who defies conventional norms and expectations, according to NPR.

In characteristic Trump fashion, the former president continues to brush off his legal troubles confidently. Using his social media platform, Truth Social, he has signaled a belief that each indictment brings him one step closer to reclaiming the White House.

“I NEED ONE MORE INDICTMENT TO ENSURE MY ELECTION!” he posted to nearly 6 million followers on Truth Social in August.


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Jim Thomas is a writer based in Indiana. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, a law degree from U.I.C. Law School, and has practiced law for more than 20 years.

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