Iran Prisoner Swap to Newsmax: Trading Hostages Will Encourage Further Kidnappings

Exchanging prisoners with hostile enemies such as Iran will only incentivize future hostage taking, Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., told Newsmax on Monday.

“My heart breaks and my sympathy is out for the families,” Waltz told “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “One of these hostages actually was left behind back in 2015 with the original Iran deal. [Then-Secretary of State] John Kerry was promised that he would get off the plane, he never did, John Kerry signed anyway.”

“The problem with this deal is that future Americans are just going to get taken hostage all over again,” Waltz said. “It’s incentivizing future hostage taking. There’s no downside, whether it’s Iran, Russia, terrorist groups … at the end of the day, they always end up on top, whether it’s financially, through a swap, or you name it, you know, with the world’s largest arms dealer that we swapped for Brittney Griner.”

“This is just a horrific deal,” Waltz added. “And we can’t get a clear answer, I’m on the Intelligence Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee, on who these Iranians are that Biden’s giving away.”


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Jeremy Frankel

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