IRS Seeks 3,700 High-Skilled Auditors for Targeted Wealthy Pursuit at Competitive Salary

The Internal Revenue Service’s massive expansion under President Joe Biden is underway as jobs for 3,700 auditors have been posted to hunt down America’s wealthy and large corporations.

The job openings are intended “to help with expanded enforcement work focusing on complex partnerships and large corporations,” according to Friday’s news release.

The hiring spree is funded by the Inflation Reduction Act approved in August 2022, which seeks to expand the IRS workforce by more than 80,000.

“This is another important step for the IRS as we work to transform the agency and make improvements,” IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel wrote in a statement. “Our first wave of hiring focused on taxpayer service positions to help improve our phone and in-person assistance.

“This next wave of hiring will help the IRS add key talent like tax accountants to help reverse a decade-long decline of audits for the wealthy as well as complex partnerships and corporations. These new employees will be focused on higher-income and complex tax areas like partnerships, not average taxpayers making less than $400,000.”

That latter point was a campaign promise made by Biden in the 2020 presidential election, but Republican critics have long alleged he has broken that promise, if not by direct tax hikes then by high inflation serving as a tax on Americans.

The Biden administration is seeking to bolster U.S. tax collecting as it has moved trillions in new progressive spending initiatives.

“This is an exciting time to be at the IRS,” IRS Human Capital Officer Traci DiMartini wrote in a statement. “The IRS provides a competitive financial package for people with expertise in this high-demand area.

“For people with accounting and financial backgrounds, we encourage them to take a close look at the benefits of working for the IRS and serving our nation.”

While the new IRS agents might find some more taxes to collect, the 3,700 agents will be in “higher-graded positions at the General Schedule GS-13 level in the federal civil service system, which translates into an annual salary of about $125,000,” according to the press release.

The 3,700 at $125,000 would total $462,500,000 annually just for the salaries.

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