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Jordan Requests Documents Regarding Special Counsel’s Investigation into Attorney Dealings

The House Judiciary Committee is asking special counsel Jack Smith’s office to turn over information regarding its dealings with attorney Stanley Woodward.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, the panel’s chairman, sent the letter a day after several outlets reported Woodward complained about prosecutorial conduct in a new court filing.

Woodward once represented Yuscil Taveras, an information technology worker at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property, and another employee, Walt Nauta, at the same time.

Because of concerns surrounding a potential conflict of interest in Woodward representing the two clients, the court allowed Taveras to consult outside counsel.

Taveras eventually signed a cooperation agreement with prosecutors to avoid perjury charges after consulting the outside counsel, to the displeasure of Woodward, whom he later dropped.

Now, prosecutors say Taveras is likely to testify at the trial under his cooperation deal, posing a further potential conflict of interest for Woodward: a former client testifying against a current client.

The IT worker also previously implicated Trump, Nauta, and another Mar-a-Lago employee named Carlos de Oliveira before a grand jury in July.

That testimony was responsible for Smith’s superseding indictment later the same month, which added new charges against the former president.

Woodward also has alleged that he felt pressured by Justice Department official Jay Bratt after he raised the issue of his application for a position on the Washington, D.C., superior court during a private meeting over his client Nauta.

In response, Jordan requested in his Thursday letter all correspondence between Woodward and prosecutors on Nauta and internal communications among senior DOJ officials on the attorney’s clients.

He is asking for the documents and relevant information by Sept. 21.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

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