Joseph diGenova Tells Newsmax: Hunter Biden Plea Deal a Blatant ‘Fraud on the Court’

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Former U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C., Joseph diGenova has accused U.S. Attorney David Weiss and Hunter Biden’s attorneys of committing a “fraud on the court” during a plea deal hearing. According to diGenova, the prosecutors and defense lawyers agreed in advance to deceive the judge and gain approval for a fraudulent deal. However, their plan backfired when the judge received last-minute documents and started asking probing questions that they couldn’t answer satisfactorily. DiGenova, who has experience as a United States attorney, stated that such fraudulence was unprecedented in his courthouse and called it a disgraceful moment for the Justice Department. He believes that both sides should be sanctioned, investigated by the bar, and face consequences for presenting the fraudulent documents. The content is a summary of diGenova’s comments on Newsmax TV, a rapidly growing cable news channel in the United States.

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