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Judge Napolitano tells Newsmax: Trump Trial to Commence on March 4, Suggesting Political Undertones

Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano argues that setting a trial date for Donald Trump in the federal election case on March 4 is a political move that goes against the Department of Justice’s guidelines. The DOJ’s guidelines state that there should not be an indictment or trial 90 days before or after Election Day. Napolitano suggests that by scheduling the trial on March 4, they are able to get around this guideline. However, he also criticizes the court’s decision, stating that it disregards the political realities of the case. Napolitano highlights that Trump’s lawyers will have a significant amount of documents to review before the trial, and the lack of time granted to them will be a setback for Trump. Despite the potential for appeal, it is expected that the trial will proceed in March next year.

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