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Kari Lake Tells Newsmax: Democrats Desire America’s Downfall

Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake told Newsmax on Tuesday that the open-border polices of President Joe Biden and Democrats is a signal that they “want America to fall.”

Lake made the comments during an interview on “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE” while discussing a Tuesday report that 300 migrants walked through the Biden administration’s welded-open gates near Lukeville, Arizona, on Monday alone.

“This isn’t new, just to Arizona,” Lake told Higbie.

Border Patrol agents in Arizona recently welded open 114 gates so that they couldn’t be shut.

“It’s by design. Destabilizing America, destabilizing the globe,” Lake said. “They’re bringing in millions of people, many of them with really, really disturbing records. … They’re emptying out their prisons and sending everybody our way.”

With the open gates, Lukeville has become the busiest crossing point in the country. Customs agents encountered 42,561 migrants trying to cross in July alone. It’s also become the most dangerous; migrant deaths have spiked by more than 167 percent year-over-year.

“These are not families coming across. These are fighting-age men from all over the globe, 18,000 fighting-age men from China … came across in nine months’ time,” Lake said.

“This is a problem for America, this is a problem for our national security,” Lake said. “They want this invasion, they want this infiltration, they want the end of America, which explains a lot of their different policies, from what’s happening in Ukraine to the assault on our First Amendment rights to the attack on his No. 1 opponent, Donald J. Trump, they want America to fall.”


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