Kevin Sorbo Tells Newsmax: Mask Mandates are Simply ‘Fear and Control’

As some businesses, including some studios in Hollywood, are considering bringing back mandatory mask wearing, actor and producer Kevin Sorbo told Newsmax on Wednesday that the move is only about fear and control.

Sorbo, who is the author of a new book, “The Test of Lionhood,” told “National Report” that “fear is the favorite weapon, not only in Hollywood but certainly in Washington, D.C., and they keep using it to control our lives and people respond to it.”

Sorbo said that “we talk about the Silent Majority. Well, where is the Silent Majority. Stop being silent.”

He said that he always gets someone coming up to him during the making of a movie and quietly saying, “Thanks for being a voice for us.” But Sorbo stressed that he says to such people, “Be a voice for yourself.”

He insists that masks have done nothing to combat coronavirus, explaining that during the pandemic, “people wore masks, they got COVID. Then [the authorities] said, take the shot and wear the mask, and they still got COVID … it’s all about fear and control.”

Sorbo said that if the CDC once again says that masks should be worn as the number of coronavirus cases go up, “a lot of people will not comply, they are sick of it,” adding that “natural immunity is a real thing.”


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