Lara Trump Sends Message to Newsmax: Mainstream Media’s Deception Has Been Exposed

CNN reporting on a poll showing President Joe Biden with a higher unfavorability rating than former President Donald Trump shows that “the jig is up” for the mainstream media, Lara Trump told Newsmax Thursday.

“The fact that they had to then go out and talk about this is really incredible,” Trump told “Rob Schmitt Tonight,” adding that the main objective of the mainstream media is to push the Democratic agenda.

“We know that the liberal media is not out there to actually deliver the news to people. These are folks who are pushing an agenda. They’re pushing one agenda: It’s for the Democrats. It’s become very obvious to people,” Trump said.

Trump added that these are the same networks and reporters who, while they conduct constant character assassination attempts on the former president, do everything possible to try to convince people how great a job Biden is doing — and it isn’t working.

“Despite all the damage they have tried to do to my father-in-law, the damage that they’re obviously doing to this country, people are waking up,” Trump said. “I think every single time we’ve seen an indictment dropped against Donald Trump, it has shaken people awake.

“People can’t go back to sleep then. Once they’re awake, once you see it, you don’t unsee it. And I think the jig is up for a lot of the marketing arm for the Democrat Party, the mainstream media.”


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Jeremy Frankel

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