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Lara Trump Tells Newsmax: Neglected Americans Identify with Trump’s Mug Shot

The list of Americans Washington has cast aside see themselves in former President Donald Trump’s mug shot, daughter-in-law Lara Trump told Newsmax.

Lara tells “Eric Bolling The Balance” on Tuesday that when the former president was hauled into Fulton County booking, “they thought: ‘Well, that’ll really put the nail in the coffin for Donald Trump.'”

Despite the spectacle, she adds, “It really kind of rallied more support around him than I think they ever anticipated. Because anyone out there who has been wronged by this system, the same system that is going against Donald Trump right now, the same system that a guy who is the most recognizable in the world needed a mug shot, are you kidding me? They all see themselves in that mug shot now of Donald Trump.”

Recently, during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” former acting chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Donna Brazile expressed dismay at Trump’s rise in popularity after being booked on August 24.

“I’ve never seen anything like this with Donald Trump … I mean, being indicted, that’s making him stronger, raising $10 million using a … mug shot… We have to respect the fact it’s a movement,” Brazile said.


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