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Larry Elder Accuses Newsmax of RNC’s Fearful Resistance to Debating Him

Republican presidential candidate Larry Elder told Newsmax on Thursday that he is working hard to make sure the Republican National Committee (RNC) cannot ban him from the debate stage later this month, as it was successfully able to do for the first debate on Aug. 23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“Not only was I not allowed to debate, they did not allow me to enter the arena,” Elder told “Greg Kelly Reports.” “They had posted a sign at the door that said, ‘If Elder or his team shows up, do not let them enter.’ So now I guess I’ve made the RNC terror watch list. Got that on my resume.”

To qualify for the debate, candidates were required to get 40,000 individual donations, 200 from 20 different states, and three polls showing the candidate at 1% or higher. However, the RNC told Elder at the last minute that one of his polls, Rasmussen, was not allowed to be used since it claimed the poll was affiliated with former President Donald Trump, who is also a candidate in the 2024 presidential race.

Even though Rasmussen denied the claim, the poll was still disqualified. Elder submitted a fourth poll; however, the RNC claimed it was submitted too late. Elder then filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

To qualify for the next debate later this month, candidates have to get 3% in three different polls, and Elder is starting a major media buy in order to help raise his poll numbers.

“I’m Larry Elder, Republican candidate for president, and I approve this message. The Republican National Committee banned me from the debate stage last month, even though I exceeded their qualifications.

“The RNC is scared because they know I will talk about difficult issues: the epidemic of fatherlessness, my proposal to fire George Soros-backed DAs, and the lie that America is systemically racist. To make the debate stage in September, I need your help. Go to because we’ve got a country to save,” the ad states.


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