Mark Morgan Urges Senators to Prioritize Border Security Over Ukraine Aid, Tells Newsmax

U.S. senators should be calling for border reform with the same “passion” with which they’re seeking aid for Ukraine, former Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan told Newsmax on Friday.

“We have senators right now that are talking about how we have to continue to come to the aid of Ukraine, and if we don’t, history is going to show that as a mistake,” Morgan said on “Wake Up America.” “I would respectfully submit those senators should be talking and using the same level of passion and sense of urgency about our own border. I promise you if we don’t secure our own border, history will show it as a mistake and we’re running out [of time] right now.”

Congressional Republicans are refusing to approve more funding for Ukraine, through a combination aid bill being sought by President Joe Biden, without there being additional measures to reduce the number of migrants coming across the U.S. border illegally.

Morgan, meanwhile, said that border security is “synonymous with national security,” but Biden’s policies, calling for mass amnesty, “Would have made what’s happening at our border right now even worse.

“Illegal migration and immigration are not the same things,” said Morgan. “That’s why it’s completely a lie. It’s completely disingenuous.”

Meanwhile, the situation, including record numbers of people entering the United States illegally, is “unsustainable,” said Morgan. “This is lawlessness and chaos.

“Right now our borders are open because of the millions of illegal aliens that this administration is allowing. We had it with the Trump administration. There’s the playbook. We had the most secure border in our lifetime. We had illegal migration reduced to a four-decade low.”

Congress, he said, has an opportunity to improve the situation by passing H-R Two, “the strongest piece of border security relations legislation that’s ever been passed by a single chamber in Congress.”

But in the Senate, Republicans must “stay strong” against passing the aid bill without border security included, said Morgan.

Morgan also spoke out about reports showing that in fiscal year 2022, the Biden administration diverted Department of Veterans Affairs health care resources to illegal immigrants, paying medical and dental expenses for more than 160,000 illegal immigrants.

“If it’s not bad enough that our physical borders are wide open, we have drugs, criminals, and national security threats pouring in,” said Morgan. “We don’t talk enough about the toll and cost and suffering Americans have to place on their backs because of the millions of illegal aliens that are being allowed in, and that’s just one point of many.”


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