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Matt Schlapp Tells Newsmax: Democratic Nominee Crisis Exceeds GOP’s

Matt Schlapp, chair of the American Conservative Union, told Newsmax that Democrats have a bigger problem heading into the 2024 presidential primary than Republicans.

Appearing Wednesday on “The Record With Greta Van Susteren,” Schlapp said questions surrounding President Joe Biden’s health and alleged bribes outweigh former President Donald Trump’s legal troubles.

“Robert F. Kennedy [Jr.] is doing better against Joe Biden than any Republican is doing against Donald Trump. But they don’t want to cover that race,” Schlapp said.

“You know, he gives the Medal of Honor; he walks out too early just yesterday from the reception in the White House,” he continued. “So this is a real problem that Democrats have. They’re really concerned about Joe Biden’s health and the ethics with Hunter [Biden].”

Schlapp believes Trump’s foremost problem is not the other Republican candidates running against him, saying that “the deep state is using all its power to try to stop him before he gets to the ballot box.”

But even if Trump decided not to run or the attempt to quash his candidacy worked, Schlapp is convinced the GOP still has a better slate of up-and-coming candidates to step in his place than Democrats have with Biden.

“If Donald Trump hadn’t run, if they weren’t trying to persecute him, prosecute him, all these terrible things and we had a whole new field, there would be a whole new set of people besides [Florida Gov.] Ron DeSantis on that stage. I think we do have a very thick bench.”

By contrast, he said, “It’s a little rough for the Democrats.”


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