Mayor of New Jersey Challenging Sen. Bob Menendez in Election

New Jersey mayor Christine Serrano Glassner has filed to run as a Republican for the state’s U.S. Senate seat held by Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez, Politico reports.

Glassner, who was elected mayor of Mendham Borough in Morris County in 2016, announced her candidacy for Senate in a video released on Monday that includes a dig at the multiple federal investigations Menendez has faced since first entering office in 2006.

“Senator Menendez has been in politics his entire life. He’s under investigation yet again,” Glassner said in the video. “New Jersey deserves someone with integrity, someone who will work hard to tackle the tough problems that are facing all of us. Someone who will put us first. Someone who cares more about our families — our New Jersey families — than his cronies.”

Glassner was a delegate to the 2016 convention and her husband, Michael Glassner, was a senior official in Trump’s 2016 campaign and his 2020 campaign’s Chief Operating Officer. He also leads the fund created to help pay for Trump’s legal fees, the Patriot Legal Defense Fund Inc.

In a statement to Politico, Menendez advisor Michael Soliman hit out at Glassner over her political connections to former President Donald Trump and the national Republican Party.

“Here’s the thing that New Jersey’s voters will quickly learn — the mayor is a hardcore, unapologetic Trump supporter,” Soliman said. “Even after Trump pushed an insurrection, even after he bragged about helping to end Roe v. Wade and even after he cozies up to Vladimir Putin, mayor Serrano Glassner is all in on Trump. She is clearly out of touch with New Jerseyans. Bob Menendez knows New Jersey — his record of achievement and advocacy for our state is simply unmatched.”

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