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Migrants Face Increasing Danger at Tucson Border Sector

A border sector near Lukeville, Arizona, has seen a 167 percent spike in migrant deaths, making it the most dangerous crossing from Mexico in the country, Breitbart reported Tuesday.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recovered 24 bodies from the Tucson Border Patrol Sector, up from nine in 2022. CBP has recovered more than 150 deceased migrants since October, per the report.

However, those numbers are bodies only recovered by CBP and don’t count bodies recovered by other agencies, making it unclear what the true death toll is, according to Breitbart.

Most of those are heat-related deaths, per Breitbart. Exacerbating the issue is that migrants are trying to cross through the most remote areas to avoid capture, which would result in expulsion. But if they’re not prepared for the elements, avoiding capture is often deadly.

“They willingly choose to cross away from the beaten path, often attempting to traverse difficult terrain when temperatures are at their highest,” a CBP source told Breitbart. “Most do not realize how much water needs to be consumed to survive in this harsh environment.”

CBP apprehended nearly 49,000 migrants in the Tucson sector in August, up from 18,506 in August 2022.

At issue is the 114 gates welded open — so they can’t be shut — near Lukeville. After initial finger-pointing over who made that decision, CBP owned up to it, allowing for passage during the monsoon months.

The New York Post reported that the gates were left open beginning in June despite guidance that the monsoon season would come later than usual.

300 migrants strolled through the gates on Monday alone.

Breitbart reported that the gates will be welded shut in mid-September.

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