Military Aircraft Crashes Into Houses in Lake Worth, Texas: Officials

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A military plane crashed into a residential area in Dallas suburb on Sunday morning, officials confirmed.

The Lake Worth Police Department and Fort Worth Fire Department, both located in Texas, confirmed they’re responding to the crash. At least two homes were severely damaged and several people were being treated for injuries, the officials said.

The Lake Worth Fire Department wrote on Twitter said the crash occurred during a military training exercise.

The agency said that the plane, which was not identified, went down around the 4000 blocks of Tejas Trail and Dakota Trail.

Lake Worth Police Chief J.T. Manoushagian told WFAA-TV that homes in the area are being evacuated. About 1,300 customers in the neighborhood are without power, officials told the station.

Witnesses told KXAS-5 that two people appeared to have ejected from the aircraft. One of them was seriously hurt after getting tangled in power lines.

“I was in my car on [State Highway] 199 right in front of the donut shop when the pilot landed on the powerlines,” Cara Camp said. “While driving, I heard a loud explosion and debris was hitting the car.”

Another witness, Kaitlyn Deramus, said she saw two people eject from the plane before seeing the aircraft crash.

“I knew there are old ladies in that house that it happened at and I was banging on their door but they wouldn’t come out because they thought it was just a car, so I grabbed them out,” Deramus said, according to KXAS. “The house behind that, I ran over to the next street and got that lady out of that house because she’s paralyzed and she needed to get out.”

“I’m having anxiety, but all I wanted to do was save those old ladies because I’ve known them since I was really, really, little,” she continued. “They’re OK physically.”

Another woman posted video footage from the scene, saying that she cannot believe “we just saw a plane crash” in Lake Worth, adding to “please pray” for the victims.

The neighborhood is located about 1 mile north of Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth. It’s not clear where the plane is based, however.

No further details are immediately available.

Lake Worth is located northwest of Fort Worth.

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