Napolitano Predicts Additional Charges for Trump Associates in Conversation with Newsmax

The investigations into former President Donald Trump will likely result in further charges in upcoming months, but they may have to do more with people working for him rather than Trump himself, former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Newsmax Sunday.

“The grand jury in D.C. that indicted him for the Jan. 6 matters is still hearing testimony, and it’s hearing testimony on Trump’s fundraising, and I fear that there might be what’s called a superseding indictment,” Napolitano told Newsmax’s “Sunday Agenda.” “That’s a new indictment that re-incorporates the allegations of the old one but adds new allegations.”

But, he added, those charges may bring charges against the people raising money on Trump’s behalf and whether they “told donors that money was going to pay his legal bills and not his campaign expenses.”

“That’s what I believe that grand jury is secretly looking at in Washington, D.C., and more [if] more charges come, I think they’ll be in that frame of reference,” said Napolitano.

Meanwhile, Napolitano said he believes Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and others disclosed as being targets in Georgia’s Trump investigation, but who were not eventually charged, were victims of a “smear.”

“Full disclosure, I am a friend of Senator Lindsey Graham, but suggesting that he should be indicted and not saying what he should be indicted for and not presenting any evidence in support of the indictment is nothing but a smear of him and the same for [the others],” said Napolitano.

Under Georgia’s legal system, he explained, a special grand jury can only investigate and recommend charges, while leaving the indictments up to prosecutors.

In this case, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis “did the right thing.”

“She did not indict them because there doesn’t appear to be any evidence that they committed any crimes,” he said. “As for whether or not she can try this case in a month, I don’t think so and the judge in this case said he doesn’t think so either.”

Meanwhile, there are calls in Colorado to block Trump from the 2024 ballot, saying he is in violation of the 14th Amendment, a law passed after the Civil War to prevent people who aided the Confederacy from becoming government officials.

“These legal scholars have found instances in which bureaucrats just looked at these guys and said, ‘Okay, you were in a Confederate uniform. You’re off the ballot,'” said Napolitano. “Somehow they think that gives bureaucrats today the authority to say to Trump, ‘Oh, I heard on the news that you were involved in Jan. 6, so you’re off the ballot.’ That’s ridiculous.”

Trump, he said, has not been accused of insurrection, and even if he’s convicted of everything he has been accused of, “that still would not be enough to keep him off the ballot, because none of it charges him with performing, assisting, or aiding in an insurrection. So I think that this is poppycock and it’s not going to go anywhere.”


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