Newsmakers (Nov. 16): Trump’s Presidential Run Announcement

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In this episode, we hear from Devin Nunes, former congressman and current CEO of Truth Social, on the midterm elections and Donald Trump’s campaign announcement; then we talk to former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis. She discusses election integrity and why the GOP is trying to push out the former president; next we talk to Cleta Mitchell, chairman of the Election Integrity Network. She will discuss the Arizona election and the future of the GOP’s strategy; then Rep. Andy Biggs from Arizona, who just won reelection to the U.S. House, talks about his bid to be Speaker of the House; China expert Gordon Chang will talk to Newsmakers about the dangers of popular app TikTok and how the Chinese Communist Party can use it to influence U.S. elections; Justin Danhof will join the show to talk about the ESG push for businesses, world politics and economics, and U.S.-China relations.

1. Midterms and Trump 2024 announcement
2. Election Integrity and anti-Trump GOPers
3. Arizona election and future GOP strategy
4. Rep. Andy Biggs Speaker of the House bid
5. TikTok election influence
6. ESG, the G20, the WEF, and U.S.-China cooperation.

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