Newsmax Interviews Geraldo Rivera: Trump’s Presence Would Have Energized the Debate

The Wednesday GOP debate would possibly have been “less chaotic” and “far more interesting” if former President Donald Trump participated, veteran journalist Geraldo Rivera told Newsmax on Thursday.

“I wonder if it would be a lot less chaotic if Donald Trump … had decided to appear,” Rivera told “Eric Bolling The Balance.” “I think there would have been far fewer of these very noisy, but improbable candidates, on that debate stage. It would have been far more interesting.”

Rivera added that Trump obviously does not need the debate to get the Republican nomination, assuming nothing drastic occurs, such as if he were to be found guilty or sent to prison ahead of the election.

“I hope that these various litigation and criminal charges and so forth don’t preempt the election,” Rivera said. “You have to beat Donald Trump at the polling place, I say to Democrats, if they want to beat him, not in the courtroom.”


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Jeremy Frankel

Jeremy Frankel is a Newsmax writer reporting on news and politics.

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