Newsmax: Kari Lake Expresses Longing for President Trump Amid Joe Biden’s Recent Overseas Trip

President Joe Biden’s recent trip to Vietnam and his performance at his press conference “makes me miss President [Donald] Trump so much,” Kari Lake told Newsmax on Tuesday.

Whenever Trump was on the world stage, he “exuded strength,” Lake told “Greg Kelly Reports.”

“We are a superpower as a nation, and it doesn’t feel that way when I see Joe Biden wandering around overseas… he couldn’t find the stage at this particular press conference,” Lake said, adding that, due to Biden “rambling on so badly,” his handlers cut him off and queued up the music to drown him out.

“It was such an embarrassment. He doesn’t exude any strength,” Lake continued. “He uses weakness. And the rest of the world is seeing it, and they’re starting – it’s like blood in the water – they’re starting to circle America… like sharks. And it’s rather frightening that we’re losing our power on the world stage because of this guy who looks like he belongs, frankly, in a nursing home.”


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Jeremy Frankel

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