Newsmax: Megyn Kelly Suggests Trump’s Position May Be Vulnerable in Classified Documents Case

Radio host and former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly told Newsmax on Thursday former President Donald Trump could be on thin ice in his federal classified documents case regarding him allegedly displaying a document of an Iran attack plan to others. Trump contends he was holding up a newspaper.

Kelly, who raised Trump’s ire with a question about his treatment of women during a 2015 Republican presidential primary debate, told “Eric Bolling The Balance” that Trump’s explanation doesn’t sit well with her. Kelly’s interview with Trump was aired Thursday on her “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast.

The federal indictment delivered to Trump by special counsel Jack Smith noted a recorded conversation Trump had with a third party in which he holds up a document and said, “See, as president, I could have declassified it. Now, I can’t, you know, but this is still a secret.” Trump maintains he was holding up a newspaper.

“He’s on thin ice on this one, which is why I went there,” Kelly said. “And you don’t think this is going to come up in the criminal trial? Mark this conversation, it’s going to come up just exactly like this. [Saying] it was a newspaper article is not going to fly.

“We’ve all heard the tape of him saying on the tape, ‘This is still secret. As president, I could have declassified it, but I didn’t, and I can’t do it now.’ It was not a newspaper article, obviously, that would not have to be declassified. He’s going to have to find a better answer.”

Kelly also talked to Trump about the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci, whom Trump gave a presidential commendation, but she said her favorite portion of the interview was when she asked Trump if it was worth it to him to keep staying in politics, given all the legal hassles he must endure. Trump brought up making America great again and how the country is “going to hell,” and “I think that we’re going to save the country.”

“I encourage people to go watch the full exchange because it’s a very reflective Trump talking about why he’s doing it, why he’s not going to be on the golf course and saying he’s got these beautiful places he goes, like in Scotland, and he may never see them again,” Kelly said. “You know, he’s older, he’s facing four potential prison terms, and if he gets reelected, he’s going to be very busy as president.

“But I genuinely believe he loves the country, and I genuinely believe he thinks he’s the answer to the darkness that has surrounded us over the past few years and that he can turn it around. I have no doubt he has a deep love of the country and believes he can save it.”


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