Newsmax Reports: MSM Imposes Blackout on RJK Jr. Campaign Coverage

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is challenging President Joe Biden for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination, told Newsmax on Monday the major network news channels are working to suppress his campaign because they are aligned with the Democratic Party.

“The mainstream media, other than Fox, the traditional legacy media like CNN and the major networks and MSNBC are all aligned with the Democratic Party,” Kennedy told “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “They won’t even let me on their networks. I think I’ve been on CNN once with Michael Smerconish.

“But nobody else will talk to me, and it’s an effective blackout.”

Kennedy is also facing other obstacles in the primary process from the Democratic National Committee, which is trying to ensure that Biden earns the nomination, much like it did in 2016, when the DNC appeared to favor Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

“I’m very confident that I can beat President Biden leading up to the convention if they give me a fair fight,” Kennedy said. “You mentioned what they did to Bernie Sanders, and I think the DNC now regards me as 10 times as dangerous to their funders and their donors then was Bernie Sanders.”

Kennedy said he is faring well against Biden among early primary states, especially New Hampshire. A new rule by the DNC puts the New Hampshire primary on Feb. 6 after South Carolina on Feb. 3, but it is expected New Hampshire’s primary will take place in January because state law requires the Granite State to have the nation’s first presidential primary. But New Hampshire could lose half its delegates to the national convention if it switches dates.

“I’m very confident that I will beat President Biden in New Hampshire, and I’m doing very well in the early primary states,” Kennedy said. “We haven’t done a lot of polling in the other states. There are some public polls out there that show me doing less well but those polls are looking only at Democrats who voted for President Biden the last time. When they poll people who are likely to vote in the Democratic [primaries], I do much, much better.


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