Newsmax’s Dick Morris predicts Trump will result in a brief primary race

Political analyst and author Dick Morris told Newsmax on Monday night that he expects Donald Trump will deliver a knockout blow with a victory at the Iowa caucuses, making the fight for the Republican presidential nomination a short one.

“Trump is going to score a huge victory,” Morris told “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “The media is going to try to downplay it because they’re basically supporting Nikki Haley. They’re going to try to say, oh, [Trump] didn’t get the majority or [he] got 48%. But one way or another, this is a huge victory for Donald Trump, and I believe this is going to be very short presidential race. I think this may be a knockout punch.”

“After this, New Hampshire is going to be heavily for Trump. Nevada always was and South Carolina will be, which I think will be fatal blow to Nikki Haley because she’s from there. And then you have March 5, when 45% of America votes.”

Pollster John McLaughlin, whose firm is working for the Trump campaign, appeared with Morris and predicted a historic victory for Trump and said Iowans are providing the first votes in the party’s effort to defeat President Joe Biden.

“Donald Trump is the best candidate to beat Joe Biden,” McLaughlin said. “He’s leading [Biden] in all the national polls, battleground state polls, and Nikki Haley is not. She’s losing in the Rasmussen poll to Biden. She’s losing a bunch of other polls to Biden.”

“These Iowa voters are going out tonight in the frigid weather to make history.”

Said Morris, continuing his boxing-themed analysis: “I think this will be over faster than a Mike Tyson fight.”


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