Nigel Farage criticizes Biden for aligning with Obama’s perceived leniency on Iran : Newsmax

Nigel Farage, a British politician who led the Brexit movement, argued Tuesday that President Joe Biden was following in former President Barack Obama’s footsteps on Iran.

Joining Newsmax‘s “Eric Bolling The Balance,” Farage said Biden’s latest $6 billion gift to Tehran is just the latest monetary appeasement helping fund the Ayatollah’s regime.

“It was Obama that led the way on Iran,” Farage said, recalling the first Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action deal that aimed to slow down Iran’s nuclear program by alleviating some sanctions.

“We’ve learned over the last few years since that Obama deal, backed by the European Union, and I’m ashamed to say by the U.K. [United Kingdom], … that, in fact, freeing up that money led them to spread their terrorist message throughout the Far East,” he added.

While Farage applauded former President Donald Trump for reversing course on the JCPOA, he pointed out that the Biden administration has done everything in its power to return to Obama-era foreign policy.

“Now, with Biden, we’re going back towards an Iran Deal. It is complete and utter foreign policy madness,” Farage explained.

His comments arrived in the wake of news that Biden’s cabinet allowed the transfer of $6 billion in Iranian funds from South Korea to Qatar in a step to fulfill a previously announced prisoner swap to free five Americans.

In an interview Tuesday with NBC News, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi told anchor Lester Holt that his government will decide how to spend the funds in whatever way it wants.

He also insisted that the U.S. detainees were “very healthy” and would be making their way home soon.


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