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Opera Singer Surprises Customers at a Restaurant With His Impromptu Performance

A German-born opera singer is spreading his love for classical music with the masses by bursting into song from his table to the surprise of all guests while dining in different restaurants with his manager.

Ricardo Marinello, 34, was born and raised in Düsseldorf, Germany, by a Sicilian father and a German mother. He was the celebrated winner of Germany’s Got Talent in 2007, after which he studied singing at the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf, where he lives today.

“It was my manager’s idea to break into song in restaurants and capture real emotions,” Marinello told The Epoch Times after a clip of the tenor singing “La Donna è Mobile” by Giuseppe Verdi, at a restaurant called Rossi in Würselen, went viral.

Ricardo Marinello breaks into song at an Italian restaurant called ROSSI in in Würselen.
Ricardo Marinello breaks into song at an Italian restaurant called Rossi in Würselen. (Courtesy of Ricardo Marinello)
Ricardo Marinello sings while eating a pizza in ROSSI.
(Courtesy of Ricardo Marinello)

According to Marinello, he and his manager chose this specific song because it’s one of the most recognizable opera songs.

“As we had success with the first videos [and with the] same song, we thought, ‘Never change the winning team!’” Marinello said.

As Marinello was enjoying his pizza, he suddenly began singing and surprised diners with his incredible voice.

“They came to my table, thanked me, and even booked me for their private future events,” he said. “It was amazing to see all those happy people who did not expect that.”

Hours after the singer’s manager—who also happens to be friends with the owner of the restaurant—uploaded the clip to social media, it amassed over 2 million views making it Marinello’s most viral video to date.

Epoch Times Photo
Diners at Rossi are surprised listening to Ricardo Marinello sing. (Courtesy of Ricardo Marinello)

“It makes me happy and I feel good because it shows me that my mission–’If people aren’t attending operas, an opera should go to them’–succeeds!” Marinello said. “I see myself as a bridge between classical music and people who always avoid that kind of music. … If it helps the mission, I will keep on doing it.”

For Marinello, the best part of an impromptu live performance is watching the reaction of kids and teens who are moved by the music and take out their phones to record him.

 Ricardo Marinello with his manager Chris G. Maier.
Ricardo Marinello with his manager Chris G. Maier. (Courtesy of Ricardo Marinello)

The talented singer was just 18 when he won Germany’s Got Talent, but his dream of becoming an opera singer was born at the tender age of 8 after listening to The Three Tenors on a CD.

Since his restaurant gimmick has become a big hit, Marinello has received bookings for concerts from all over the world, including a restaurant opening at a private club in Hawaii, a celebrity party in Germany, an event at a castle in France, and the “highlight,” a concert at Times Square in New York City in July.

However, his dream remains to have an opportunity to sing at the opera in New York, the Royal Opera in London, and in Verona.

“Until then, I will keep on sharing beautiful moments in different locations on social media for those who can’t see me live,” he said.

Watch the video:

(Courtesy of Ricardo Marinello)

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