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Palin Tells Newsmax: J6 Sentences Won’t Leave Us ‘Helpless’

While the sentences for the Jan. 6 defendants may be extremely harsh and reek of a two-tier justice system, they can’t make the American people “feel helpless and hopeless,” former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told Newsmax on Tuesday.

Palin called the sentences, including one for 22 years in prison, “so disheartening,” and told “Eric Bolling The Balance” that they “makes some of the populace lose a lot of faith in our government, and that’s an understatement.”

When the populace sees a two-tier system that are clearly applied according to politics, “it makes the good guy think, ‘What’s the use of being a good guy, we’re going to be punished … we’re picked on,'” Palin continued.

“But we can’t feel helpless or hopeless,” Palin said. “We have to remember that we have three equal branches of government … and Congress has a lot to do with what’s going on in the judiciary. Congress can’t keep sitting back, especially Republicans in the majority in some of these areas … they can’t sit back and just let all of this happen, because it is dismantling of our traditional judicial system.

“So we need to pressure Congress, our representatives, and remind them that they do have tools. The Constitution has empowered them to be equal to what’s going on in the judiciary, and they need to exercise that power or we’re going under.”


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