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Perrine from DeSantis PAC Tells Newsmax: Fox’s Request for Ad Edits is Misguided

It’s not clear why Fox News demanded that an image be removed from an ad spot showing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in military uniform and holding a rifle, when he is the “only veteran running for president of the United States, Erin Perrine, the communications director for the Never Back Down PAC, which sponsored the advertisement, told Newsmax Tuesday. 

“It’s really unclear what the motivation was for Fox to make the request that we change this ad,” Perrine said on Newsmax’s “Newsline” during her appearance with DeSantis surrogate Christian Whiton. “These are real images of Southern communities here in the United States that are being overrun because of the man-made crisis at the Southern border by Joe Biden.”

DeSantis was a lieutenant in the Navy and served as a legal advisor for SEAL Team 1 in Iraq in 2007. To meet Fox’s requirements, his image was replaced with a photo showing him in uniform but minus the weapon.

“He has the experience to fix the border and the fact that people would try and alter that or change that, or limit our ability to communicate that message on behalf of the governor is really mind-boggling,” Perrine said.

Whiton, meanwhile, said he also was not sure what happened, but he thinks that “it’s probably just some advertising criteria that got misapplied to a political ad where, frankly, there ought to be a lower bar or different standard.”

The ad, he said, draws “attention to the fact that the border is completely out of control and completely open.”

Former President Donald Trump “did not manage to get that border wall,” he added, but “that will be a top priority of the DeSantis administration.”

The governor could have chosen to make “some big bucks at a fancy law firm” after graduating from law school, but instead decided to join the military, said Whiton.

“I think the message still gets through,” he added. “I think a standard just maybe [went] haywire.”

Perrine, meanwhile, said it is “very clear” that DeSantis is the “only person who has put forward substantial policy to secure the southern border.”

“That means taking out cartel members who are human trafficking, who are bringing illegal drugs here into the United States, and who are killing our children,” she said. “He’s the only one standing up so people can try and diminish the voice. They can try and diminish the ability to get it across, but we will continue to fight because, like Gov. DeSantis, we are never going to back down.”

Meanwhile, Whiton, who served as an aide to former presidents Donald Trump and George W. Bush, acknowledged that Trump did “some innovative things” to limit immigration while Biden has undone the provisions, but still never got the wall built.

“He had a Republican Congress for two years, both House and Senate, and it’s odd that he was unable to get the appropriations,” said Whiton. “It goes back to Trump just not having control of his executive branch.”


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