Pete King tells Newsmax: Biden’s Apology to Zelenskyy was “Inappropriate”

President Joe Biden’s apology to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during the D-Day commemoration and his criticisms of conservatives for holding up aid to Ukraine were deemed “totally inappropriate and wrong” by former Rep. Pete King on Newsmax Sunday. 

“I do support the defense of Ukraine,” stated the New York Republican on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America Weekend,” emphasizing the substantial amount of arms and materials already provided by the United States to Ukraine. 

King argued that there is no need for the U.S. to apologize to Zelenskyy and criticized Biden for disparaging the U.S. while speaking abroad. 

Former Rep. Jack Kingston, also on the program, accused Biden of plagiarizing parts of his speech from Ronald Reagan’s address 40 years ago, while also condemning Biden’s misuse of political correctness. 

Kingston remarked, “It was not necessary,” and stressed that the soldiers who fought during D-Day were not concerned about skin color, only focused on victory. 

Furthermore, Kingston criticized Biden for drawing parallels between the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Hitler’s rise in the 1930s. 

King and Kingston also discussed Hunter Biden’s trial on weapons charges, with Kingston suggesting a probable conviction that might be downplayed, allowing the White House to evade accusations of weaponizing the justice system. 

Regarding Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, King expressed a desire for its contents to be revealed, citing drug use and gun charges as peripheral to Hunter Biden’s corruption. 

In relation to the silencing of the laptop story before the 2020 election, King contended that the suppression likely impacted the election in favor of Joe Biden. 


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