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Peter Navarro to Newsmax: ‘Brothers in Arms; This Will Not Stand’

The Democrats’ “long running movie” to get former President Donald Trump is a series that seemingly has no limit, according to former Trump administration trade adviser Peter Navarro, who says he’s “brothers in arms” with Trump.

“This is the completion of the partisan weaponization of our American injustice system,” Navarro told Thursday night’s “Greg Kelly Reports” on Newsmax. “That weaponization has gone nuclear. This is unprecedented.

“There’s no crime here. It’s pure political persecution.”

Navarro, one of just three senior Trump administration members to last from the start of the 2016 campaign, has himself been “put in leg irons and solitary confinement” — the same cell as a man who shot former President Ronald Reagan — as part of Democrats’ effort to put a fatal political bullet in Trump, he told host Greg Kelly.

“They bragged about putting me in the same cell that John Hinckley sat in that dungeon in the District of Columbia, the same cell,” Navarro told Kelly, getting emotional as he went over his case in relation to what Trump might go through. “And I’m wondering whether they’re going to try to humiliate Donald Trump by putting him in handcuffs or leg irons, and drag him in for a misdemeanor that has no basis in the law.”

The Democrats are not going to stop persecuting and prosecuting anyone around Trump until they declare political victory over all, Navarro warned.

“I have, I think, a unique perspective on this: Not only have I been the victim of this completely political partisan persecution, like Donald Trump — not only have I been subject to a takedown, his Mar-a-Lago raid, the takedown they did to me and leg irons at the airport — I’m seeing not only Donald Trump, but everybody around him being attacked by this Biden injustice system, and, Greg, it’s just wrong,” Navarro continued.

“This is a long running movie. This is a long running weaponization. It started with the Russia hoax and went to the Ukraine hoax, impeachment one, impeachment two, the Mar-a-Lago raid and now a George Soros-backed DA arresting Donald Trump in the very near future and maybe putting him in handcuffs.

“This is a third-world country.”

All this to interfere in democratic elections by the uniparty in Washington, D.C., in an effort to keep power from the American people, Navarro concluded.

“And these SOB’s, the only thing they have time to do, is persecute the best president in modern history and try to keep them from being 47th president,” he told Kelly. “This this will not stand, Greg, this will not stand.

“I take this personally because I’m personally involved. They’re coming after me. Put me in prison. They already put me in leg Irons. They want to take Donald Trump out. We’re brothers in arms. This will not stand.”


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