Poll conducted by New York Times shows Trump ahead in crucial swing states.

Recent polls conducted by The New York Times, Siena College, and The Philadelphia Inquirer indicate that former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in five crucial battleground states that could play a significant role in the upcoming race for the White House.

Trump, the presumed Republican candidate for the general election in November, seems poised to challenge Biden, who is seeking re-election.

According to the Times/Siena/Inquirer polls, Trump is ahead in Arizona (49%-42%), Georgia (49%-39%), Michigan (49%-42%), Nevada (50%-38%), and Pennsylvania (47%-44%) among registered voters. Biden maintains a slight lead in Wisconsin at 47%-45%.

In the 2020 election, Biden won all six of these states.

Among likely voters, the race was closer, with Biden slightly ahead in Michigan.

If Biden wins Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin among the swing states this year, he would have enough electoral votes to secure re-election, as long as he doesn’t lose any other states that he won in the previous election.

The polls also considered hypothetical matchups including independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. RFK Jr. polled at an average of 10% across the states, drawing evenly from both Trump and Biden.

The survey results pointed to the economy and concerns over Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza as key factors influencing the polls. The attitudes towards the economy have remained largely unchanged since November, with more than half of voters describing it as “poor.”

The surveys also revealed that Biden’s standing among young, Black, and Hispanic voters has been affected by a perception that he would not significantly improve the country’s economic situation.

Amongst minority groups, Biden and Trump are essentially tied in terms of support in the polls, with Trump garnering over 20% of Black voters’ support, marking the highest level of Black support for a GOP candidate since the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Approximately 70% of voters expressed the belief that significant changes are necessary in the country’s political and economic systems.

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