Poll Reveals Double-Digit Decrease in Biden’s Support Among Iowa Democrats

President Joe Biden took a double-digit hit in support from the politically crucial Iowa Democratic caucus, losing backing from women and young voters, a new poll shows.

In a new Emerson College polling survey, Biden dropped 19 percentage points — from 69% to 50% — in caucus support since a May tally.

The new poll also shows Robert Kennedy Jr., dropped from 11% to 9% and Marianne Williamson dipped from 10% to 7%. Many — 34% — were undecided.

The new Emerson College survey is the first since the Democratic National Committee voted to strip Iowa of its first-in-the-nation status on the presidential nominating calendar.

“Biden has lost some support in the Democratic caucus, with a large number of voters being undecided,” said Spencer Kimball, executive director of Emerson College Polling.

“Young voters and women voters are two groups who have lower support for Biden than their counterparts: only 38% of Democratic voters under 30 support Biden in a caucus, and 41% of women are undecided.”

In other findings on Biden’s polling, the survey showed 33% approve of the job he’s doing as president, while 54% disapprove of his performance in the Oval Office.

Since May, Biden’s approval dropped 2 points while his disapproval has remained steady at 54%, the pollster found.

Also, 64% of respondents say they will definitely vote for the candidate on the 2024 ballot they chose, while 35% say there’s a chance they could change their mind and vote for someone else.

“A third party candidate on the ballot changes the dynamic of the race by pulling votes from both sides,” Kimball noted.

The poll conducted from Sept. 7-9, had an overall margin of error of plus or minus 3.2 percentage points.

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