PREMIERING 4 PM ET: What If Fauci Hadn’t Lied About COVID’s Origin? How the Coverup Changed the Course of the Pandemic

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Despite Dr. Anthony Fauci’s best efforts, 66 percent of Americans now believe that COVID-19 started in a Chinese lab.

Among Republicans, that number stands at a whopping 86 percent, but even a solid majority of 54 percent of Democrats agree.

As they say, “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

The problem is the person who did the fooling—Fauci. He knew since at least late January 2020 that the virus most likely came out of a Wuhan lab. But instead of sharing that crucial information with others, he orchestrated the most deadly coverup in history.

But what would have happened if Fauci had not lied? Things would have turned out very differently for us all—and that is something Fauci will have to answer for.

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