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Rep. Barry Moore Tells Newsmax That Ukraine Must Provide Oversight Before Receiving Aid

Rep. Barry Moore, R-Ala., told Newsmax on Tuesday that Congress shouldn’t agree to sending aid to Ukraine without “a game plan” and “oversight.”

During his address to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, President Joe Biden called on other nations to support Ukraine as it fights against the ongoing invasion by Russia.

Reacting to Biden’s speech and his recent calls for Congress to pass an additional aid package for Ukraine, Moore said on “American Agenda” that “I voted no on the funding for Ukraine thus far because I want some accountability.”

He continued, “We have to take care of America first and the debt we’re facing at $33 trillion, and we’re printing money here in DC and that’s 17% inflation for American consumers. It’s making it hard on the American people. And again, we’ve got a U.S. southern border that we don’t have operational control over, so why are we saving Ukraine’s border, which I agree is very important but there needs to be oversight.”

Moore went on to say, “We’re spending taxpayer money because we’re writing these checks and sending this money overseas with very little oversight. And my concern is at what point” does it stop.

He added, “We need a game plan. We need to know what the endgame is, and we don’t know how we’re funding that, how we’re going to achieve the goals for the American people to not only secure Ukraine’s border, but the U.S. border as well.”


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