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Rep. Barry Moore to Newsmax: Rally Behind Trump With Ham Sandwiches

Rep. Barry Moore, R-Ala., who welcomed former President Donald Trump to the club of being “indicted for political purposes,” is offering free ham sandwiches to Congress to rally support for Trump.

“We’ve got them here in the office; it says, ‘Indict this,‘” Moore said Friday on Newsmax’sNational Report.” “So I’m inviting everybody to come by. You can indict your ham sandwich. You can do whatever you want to do.

“But we’re going to fight for Donald Trump and we’re just rallying behind the man today with ham sandwiches.”

Moore is making light of the fact that a weaponized justice system can be infamously used to “indict a ham sandwich” as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has reportedly searched for something on which to indict Trump.

“That DA might get reelected,” Moore said, but he is going to fire up support for Trump that “he didn’t even know he had. I think we’ll see a turnout like we haven’t seen. I don’t think they can cheat enough to win this time.

“I think you’re seeing a unifying, not only just the base for Donald Trump, but the Republican Party because the American people realize there’s so much more at stake now than just whether you like Donald Trump or not.

“Our American liberties at stake, and so Donald Trump is just the tip of the spear.

“And he said many times, ‘I’m the only thing between them and you, and they’re coming after me.’ And, so as they come after him, the people get behind him. We have to take up the fight. We have to rally behind our president, rally behind this Republican nominee and keep him in our prayers and fight to make sure that we don’t allow people’s rights to be violated just because of political purposes.”


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