Rep. Comer Tells Newsmax: Inquiry is ‘Another Approach’ to Obtain Bank Records

The House impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden will give the House Oversight and Accountability Committee “another tool in our toolbox” when it heads to court to get the bank records it’s seeking from Hunter and Joe Biden, committee Chair James Comer told Newsmax on Wednesday.

“We’re headed to court, more than likely,” the Kentucky Republican said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” explaining that the committee requested the bank records “early on,” but never got a response.

“We will re-request those this week and if they do not comply without request then we will subpoena [them] and undoubtedly head to court,” Comer added. “The strategy by the Biden lawyers would be to try to stall this and to run out the clock and hold this up in court for a year or so. What this will do is make the judge have to act faster.”

The inquiry also “demonstrates how serious we are about the concerns” the committee has with the president, said Comer.

“We’ve already made the case that his family has taken in over $20 million from some bad people into bad countries that are adversarial to the United States, and we don’t know why Joe Biden never has come out and said exactly what his family did to earn one penny of that $21 million,” the congressman said.

But when asked if the committee plans to bring Hunter Biden in for questioning, Comer said that if he could have “just one thing” from the president’s son, it would be his bank records.

“We see emails and text messages from the laptop where he complained to many people, including his daughter, that he had to give half his salary to his father,” said Comer.

The investigation focused on following the Biden money from the start, Comer pointed out, and now, “Hunter Biden is more than welcome to come in front of the committee if he wants to clear his good name. If he wants to come and say, you know these 20 shell companies, they actually did something. He’s more than invited today. We will drop everything.”

But the matter will likely require a subpoena, and that is “very difficult,” said Comer.

“If it was easy to get the president or his son in front of the House committee, the Jan. 6 committee probably would have done that with Donald Trump,” said Comer.

Meanwhile, the committee in the past few weeks has found that Hunter Biden has been in communications with the government about Ukrainian policy, and that is a “huge problem” for his father, Comer added.

“I would say we will get to the point very soon where we subpoena Hunter Biden, but at this point right now, I just want the bank records because we’re following the money, and our concern is that Joe Biden was in fact benefiting from these schemes from these illegal corrupt activities of his son and brother,” Comer said.

Meanwhile, White House spokesman Ian Sams on Tuesday released a statement calling the opening of an impeachment inquiry “simply red meat for the extreme right-wing so they can keep baselessly attacking the president,” and said the matter was opened with “zero evidence” against Biden.

“What Ian Sams in the White House has tried to do is create this narrative that there’s no evidence, but CNN released a poll last week – CNN that said 63% of Americans believe that the president was involved in his family schemes,” said Comer. “Two-thirds of Americans, even though the mainstream media is not reporting this, are keeping up with this somehow.”

And the “American people aren’t stupid,” he added. “They realized that it’s not normal behavior for the president’s granddaughter, while she’s in college, to receive a wire from a corrupt Romanian … the American people realize that Joe Biden has lied countless times. They realize that his family has violated many laws, and they believe as I do, and as most Americans do, that Joe Biden was front and center in the schemes.”


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