Rep. Donalds tells Newsmax: Shutdown can absolutely be avoided

Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., told Newsmax on Thursday that a government shutdown “definitely” can be averted despite House Republican infighting over a continuing resolution on spending.

“I definitely think it can be averted,” Donalds said on “Newsline,” adding that there’s “a lot of work that we’re going to have to do. We are actually in the process of doing all of that right now.”

Donalds added: “In my view, we should have settled this issue about top-line spending long ago. That’s something I’ve advocated directly to my colleagues for months because I can kind of see where this was going. But we are where we are, so members are rolling up their sleeves.”

To avert a government shutdown Oct. 1, the House and the Democrat-led Senate must agree on short- or long-term spending legislation that President Joe Biden can then sign into law.

Asked about infighting among Republicans, Donalds said: “There’s a lot of frustrations, but my opinion is … you can have your internal squabbles, just don’t really take that to the street.”

“It’s unfortunate that … tweets are flying all over the place and stuff like that, but if you have members behind closed doors, yelling at each other, pointing fingers, listen that’s no different than any locker room when things are not going well, but it gives you an opportunity to get back on track. I think that we’ll find a way to get this done, but it’s going to be an interesting couple of days.”

Donalds also addressed rumors that he’s looking at a run for governor of Florida in 2026.

“People ask me, ‘Is that something you would be interested in?’ And so, I say, yeah. If you guys are talking about it as voters, I’ve got to process it. However, [are] there any big plans afoot? No, I’m just focused on what’s happening here in Congress.”

Theodore Bunker

Theodore Bunker, a Newsmax writer, has more than a decade covering news, media, and politics.

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