Rep. Luna Condemns Biden’s Honesty as a “Total Farce” in Interview with Newsmax

The idea that President Joe Biden is a nice, honest dad with integrity, whom his son Hunter Biden used in order to get business deals with foreign nationals, is “a complete farce,” Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., told Newsmax on Thursday.

“We know that the FBI, even though they showed us redacted documents on House Oversight, had a whistleblower coming forward that even stated that Joe Biden, aka the ‘big guy,’ and his son received both $5 million in payment from Burisma,” Luna told “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

Regarding the special counsel’s indictment of Hunter Biden, Luna does not believe that it will amount to anything in terms of repercussions but noted that “it is somewhat at least gratifying” that he is being indicted.

“I still don’t trust the DOJ [Department of Justice],” Luna said. “I don’t believe that he’s going to actually face actual repercussions, just like the IRS covered up for him. Unfortunately, there is still a double standard of justice in this country.

“You know this guy is corrupt,” Luna continued. “He should be held to the same standard of justice. I don’t believe that he’ll be hit with the book, as they say, but it is somewhat at least gratifying that he’s being served with an indictment, although I don’t think it’s actually going to stick.”


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