Rep. Mace Advocates for GOP Moderates to Maintain House Majority in 2024

Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., said Republicans will lose the House next year if moderates are forced to “walk the plank” on issues such as abortion and an impeachment vote on President Joe Biden.

Mace, appearing Monday on CNN’s “The Source,” said the GOP’s current slim House majority is due to the moderate members of the party’s conference.

“Biden-district Republicans are the reason that Republicans are in the majority, have the slim majority that we have today,” Mace said. “And if we want to keep that majority, we have to keep those folks in their seats.

“You don’t do that by making Republicans and moderate districts walk the plank on abortion, walk the plank on women’s issues, walk the plank on birth control, walk the plank on an impeachment vote, like those are all reasons why we will lose next year if we continue down that path.”

House members on Tuesday returned from their August recess.

The chamber’s conservatives are creating challenges for Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., regarding two major issues: funding for the 2024 fiscal year and a Biden impeachment inquiry.

Punchbowl News reported Tuesday that McCarthy is expected to endorse an impeachment inquiry into Biden regarding alleged influence peddling in his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

Mace was asked by CNN if moderate Republicans voting for a Biden impeachment will jeopardize their seats.

“Oh, 100% it puts them at risk,” she said.

However, Mace said that “an inquiry is an investigative tool, it’s different from an impeachment. On the impeachment side, the House would investigate, the Senate would essentially hold a trial.

“But no, the Senate’s not going to hold a trial, there’s not going to be 60 votes, it’s not happening.”

Mace told CNN she would support an impeachment inquiry, specifically to look at Biden’s bank records.  

Congress also faces a Sept. 30 deadline to fund the government for 2024, or risk a potentially devastating federal shutdown.

Launching a Biden impeachment inquiry could help McCarthy sway conservatives, who want to cut spending, when it comes to appropriations.

The House Freedom Caucus also has demanded that a chamber-passed border-security bill be attached to any deal. The group also declared on social media site X that it will oppose any stopgap government funding bill that fails to address the “weaponization” of the Department of Justice and “woke” military policies.

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