Rep. Matt Gaetz to Newsmax: ‘Fauci Has Blood on His Hands’

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Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz publicly chastised Dr. Anthony Fauci on Newsmax as having “blood on his hands” or the doctor’s alleged cover-up of what was going on at the lab in Wuhan. Gaetz suggested that Fauci was funding the Chinese lab while gain-of-function research was taking place.

Gaetz. a Republican, appeared Friday on “Spicer & Co.,” decrying Fauci for his funding of the lab in Wuhan while the research was allegedly taking place.

“Dr. Fauci has blood on his hands, and now the entire country knows it,” Gaetz said. “We know that the very type of research that erupted this virus onto the world was research that the U.S. taxpayer was funding in part and that Dr. Fauci and his friends were directly involved in.”

Such research improves the ability of a pathogen to cause disease, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Gaetz then turned the conversation toward the media and its portrayal of the lab leak as a hoax at the start of the pandemic.

“Then, in April of 2020 when I came out and said, ‘this is something that escaped from a lab; it’s not something that jumped from a bat to a pangolin,’ whatever that is, I was smeared by CBS News, ’60 Minutes’ and the like for having even suggested such a racist concept. Now that we’re seeing the emails, not only are we getting to the truth, we’re also identifying those that were involved in covering up the truth, and that’s where the cover-up lands, right on the desk of Dr. Fauci.”

Gaetz didn’t just go after cable news media. He also argued that Facebook was coordinating a campaign around COVID-19.

”Why is it that Mark Zuckerberg is able to offer up Facebook and various tools that he wants to design to help Dr. Fauci craft the message?” Gaetz asked. ”But then the American people are unable to see that and ascertain what it was that Zuckerberg had in mind with this Fauci collaboration. I think we should all try to know that, particularly when the message they were trying to craft was false. Not only on the origins of the virus, but on things like masks as well. So Facebook will not be able to hide behind trade secrets exemptions. Dr Fauci will not be able to hide behind his own redactions. But as you know … it’s very hard to get to the bottom of things when you don’t hold the power and the gavels in Washington.”

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